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Proven solutions for home drug testing and detoxification

At AToxOut, we specialise in providing reliable and proven drug testing solutions. With many years of experience, our product range is designed to help you throughout the detoxification process so that you can pass any drug test, including hair and urine tests, with confidence.

Comprehensive hair detox cleansing kits

Our AToxOut detox kits are tailored to your specific needs, depending on your toxin levels. These natural and effective detox kits ensure your hair is prepared for any alcohol or drug test.

Accurate drug test kits for home use

We offer easy-to-use, accurate at-home drug test kits. These kits provide a discreet and quick way to determine the level of toxins in your body using blood, saliva, hair or urine samples, ideal for a urine test or other drug tests. They are ideal for gaining certainty before an official hair, saliva or urine test.

Specialised detox solutions

Our product line includes specialised solutions such as AToxOut – Hair Cleanser Shampoo and AToxOut – Phase2 Shampoo to help with hair follicle drug testing.

AToxOut’s diverse range of test kits and solutions are designed to give you the reassurance and confidence you need to successfully pass a drug test. Contact us today for more information or order your AToxOut hair detox to get started!

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